Our little guy is 31 weeks this week. The weeks leading up to 31 weeks have been hard. Not because of what seemed to be the never ending morning sickness or the sleepless nights because I can never seem to get comfortable. It’s that everywhere I go it seems be be a constant reminder that I carry my baby girl in my heart.

See, I’m at the point in pregnancy where people can tell that I’m pregnant and I seem to be the topic of conversation. At work my families ask “You must be having a boy because you are carrying so low!” Or” I’ll be running errands and someone with a wide grin on their face will stop me and ask “Is this your first?” I just smile and say “It’s our first boy…” I know they are wondering what type of life I must live because what other mom is able to run errands without a toddler or a baby climbing up their arms?

These conversations with strangers are sometimes like salt in a wound. I tell Lawson all the time that “this is our new normal.” It’s hard to explain our situation to strangers because people automatically get really awkward and uncomfortable. We live in a world where we look at everything with a filter not wanting people to see the scars that make us who we are.

Adeline made us parents. She surprised us with her arrival at 31 weeks and 2 days. Lawson was out town on a work trip when I went into labor and he was driving out of the Memphis Airport when he heard the news that she was born. This week I’m 31 weeks. Lawson is on another work trip, but this one is in California for 3 weeks.

Because of my history of preterm pregnancy my doctor has me on weekly shots to hopefully prevent preterm labor. The shots are miserable and leave my arms swollen and itchy from the medicine, but it’ll all be worth it for baby MCK. I just hope that baby brother doesn’t get any ideas from his sister.

So far MCK hasn’t shown signs of arriving early. I’ve been released from the fetal specialist and now I’m just followed by my regular doctor. I know these next weeks are going to be full of emotions as we prepare for brother to be here. We’ve set up his nursery with Adeline’s furniture. Most of the drawers in the dresser are still filled with Adeline’s things because I haven’t had the strength to move them. MCK might just have to be okay with wearing pink onesies for awhile ha. When we had our last ultrasound they gave us a picture of his profile and he looked so similar to Adeline. It’s going to be interesting to see what type of personality he has because Adeline was so laid back. We’ll find out soon enough.