It’s been awhile since I wrote about Adeline’s Story. I want people to know her story and see how our little baby girl changed us in so many ways, but at the same time every post is hard to write. It’s hard in the sense that everything we experienced, from finding out we were pregnant to discovering all Adeline’s medical problems, was emotionally draining and brought me to my knees everyday. With that said, I’ll pick up where I left off…

We had made it to the middle of May and I was starting to look really pregnant. At this time, the doctor basically just wanted Adeline to continue to grow and there wasn’t anything that could be done, so I didn’t have to go to the specialist’s office until June. There was a sense of relief because those appointments were emotional taxing. I could finally act like I was a normal pregnant person!

This is also about the time when people start talking about baby showers. At first I was hesitant about wanting a baby shower for her because of the future seemed so unknown. I was reminded that no matter what happened, Adeline was our little gift and we needed to not give up on her or stop fighting for her. So we started planning….

Her first shower was in Indiana with my family. It was Memorial Day weekend (aka Race Weekend, which is a big deal for most people who grew up in Indiana) and my dad’s whole family was in town. This was the first time that I saw most of my family and hometown friends since becoming pregnant with Adeline. We had a sweet shower on the farm. The weather was perfect and we had treats and punch. My aunt came up with a little fun activity for everyone to do for Adeline. She passed out blocks and everyone got a different letter in the alphabet and we decorated blocks for Adeline to play with when she got older.

When we got back to Memphis I had my next specialist appointment. At this point Adeline was 29 weeks. Every time Adeline would get an ultrasound she always managed to be in a really awkward position for the ultrasound tech. She was quite stubborn. In this picture she is using the placenta as a pillow haha.

After the appointment we were put in a room to talk to the Nurse Practitioner. She asked me if I had an questions and I asked her what my “birth plan” was going to look like? In the beginning I was told that my placenta was messed up and I most likely needed a C-Sec. She said “We’ll talk about it your next appointment..” I just wanted some answers to be able to prepare myself for delivery.

That weekend Adeline had another shower put together by some of my friends. This was a nice distraction from thinking about the last appointment and was a way to just focus on celebrating Adeline. We ate and hung out by the pool. I think Adeline approved because she kept kicking me during the party.

Adeline was so loved already and we couldn’t wait to meet her!